Build your own Custom Carbon Fiber Handle

Today, we want to show you the steps we take to build our custom carbon fiber grips. This is an awesome system, pretty straight forward and gives you a ton of options.  We've been designing this system with several industry leaders to give the rod builders a ton of options.  Below are some of the steps to build a custom handle like this one below.

This is the checklist for what products you need and steps to take.

Tools Needed

  • 2-part Epoxy like Rod Bond
  • Tape arbors (or whatever you want to use as an arbor)
  • sandpaper or abrasive tool

Parts Needed

  • Reel seat insert 18" long. Size depending on the reel seat size. 16mm, 17mm, 18mm. 
This is the foundation of your handle build that your reel seat will be glued directly to. For this build we chose to use a 16mm Fuji reel seat with our 16mm reel seat insert tube 18 inches long. 
  • 16mm, 17mm, 18mm, Reel Seat of your choice
  • 21mm, 23mm or 970" EVA Ring (we chose the 21mm)
  • 21mm or .970" Butt Cap (we chose the 21mm)
  • Metal Winding Check  - 18mm Tenon :  hole size depends on your blank ( we went with the GSHSGWC-9.5 for the size of our blank)

Choose tapered or parallel tubes for your rear grip and foregrip for the design of your choice. For this build we chose to do a parallel white camo handle that's 812"ID - 860"OD tube. This handle fits our 21mm EVA rings and our 21mm butt cap.


Step #1 - Glue your 16mm reel seat to the 18"long 16mm Reel Seat Insert ( in the location of your choice. Make sure to pre-fit everything and mark the tube. (if you don't want a foregrip then glue the seat flush with one end.)

Step #2 - Slide your EVA Trim Piece with .40 Hole - Fits .970 | 21mm | 23mm ( on each side of your seat and glue them in place. 

Step #3 - Arbor the 16mm reel seat tube for foregrips and rear grips. (We used green masking tape) *picture shown above, please note the reel seat would already be glued in place)

Step #4 - Glue your taper foregrip 21mmID_23mmOD ( and your rear parallel grip 812ID_860OD ( in place.

Step #5 - Glue your Butt Cap in place. Tape all pieces in place and let set overnight. 

Your handle is now ready to receive your blank.

Step #6 - Arbor your blank to fit your new custom handle. You don't have to put the entire blank inside the handle. We recommend you have a min of 4" of your blank glued inside your handle.  This allows you to make your finished rod the exact length you want.

Example - Handle is 18" long + blank is 72" long. Arbor the last 4" of the blank and glue it into your 18" long handle. This will make your finished length 86" long.

Step #7 - Glue your blank inside the handle to the desired depth and align your blank up with your real seat.  

Step #8 - Slide your 18mm metal winding check down the blank and glue it into your foregrip.

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