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We have a design and prototype division that can take you through the process of designing and prototyping your next project. We have a small machine shop so we can combine composites and metal prototyping to create your final prototype.  Whether it's a straight industrial tube or a tapered fishing blank, we can build your next product. 


Testing is can be done both in the field or in the shop. We suggest both. Once we determine your overall goal, we'll help you with testing in the shop . You'll need to do the final testing in the field to put your stamp of approval on the product.


We have a variety of composite material from standard carbon fiber to high modules S Glass. Once we understand your project we can recommend and prototype with several different materials to determine which one is right for you.


We feel this is the most important part of creating your products. If your process is not consistent then everything else doesn't matter. IF you can get consistent results then you can determine what changes will be needed. With a great process and documentation you're product will be repeatable and to your standards for quality and specifications.


Each product has a tolerance. Our goal is to help you understand our process and procedures to determine what is possible. Our documentation will help give you a  repeatable part to ensure accuracy 

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