Talon 360 Trolling blank 12_0084 - by Will Easter

When it comes to table fare, it doesn't get much better than spring chinook from the Columbia River. Because of their high fat content and great flavor, these fish are highly prized in the Pacific Northwest as well as around the country. Now, these fish are no easy catch. Special gear, like 360 flashers, and a proper rod are necessary. This is where the Talon 360 Trolling - 12_0084 blank comes in STRONG. 10'6", to get your gear away from the boat, especially that dreaded prop. Rated for 15-50 lb test and capable of trolling 20 oz cannon balls. Pair the 12_0084 blank with any of the USA Made Factory carbon tube grips. With a wide array of colors, you can truly build a rod that is uniquely yours.

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