Will is a Washington native and grew up in Vancouver, Wa. He would trout fished the local lakes throughout his life but in recent years, Will has really got into salmon and steelhead fishing. In 2020, Will became interested in rod building during the pandemic and received a rod building kit for a Fathers Day present that year. That is what opened the rabbit hole. He started with trout rods and now primarily build salmon and steelhead rods. "Though I haven't built a fly rod yet, I've built everything from ultra light trout rods, salmon and steelhead rods, and even off-shore rods for tuna and pelagics." Will's favorite rods builds are all the custom rods that have meaning behind them. Where someone is giving a gift to mark a milestone or celebrate someone.

"Building a custom rod is one thing, but a personalized custom rod is cherished."

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Will Easter
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Vancouver, WA

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