So for the "Blog", and I use blog loosely here, we are doing a budgeted amount a monthly/per content deliverable budget for the USA Made Factory site in return for your content in some form. You have freedom to showcase it however you want. So if you like to write, we’d love a quick blurb about your experience with USA Made Factory products or a Step by Step on a build. If you wanted to write a “HOW TO pick the right handle” picking from the premade handles.. Awesome! Or how to select the right trout rod. Some good photos and you explaining your process on why you choose what you did and your experience with it is awesome! Showcasing final products after you finish your build or even like a “this is what I found helpful” would be awesome too. Just think of education for rod builders new and experienced as the overall hierarchy idea. I think the first couple will get us into a groove and see what works. And I'm here to help with any tech question or any of that. I’ll do the layout and stuff after you write it. I think the minimum requirement is some photos and a paragraph or two of what you decided you want to talk about. 

If you hate writing, a video is totally cool too, I’d need you to drop me a semi cut version if you want to talk through a build. Videos to show off build works great as well! 

Here is an example of a HOW TO “blog” Jake and I did. These are our examples we have so far

And this isn't the “be all, follow this look” template, this is just all we have thus far.


The cycle will be once a month and at the beginning of the month. You will get a code to start. Once you submit your content, at the beginning of the next month, I’ll send you a new code. IF you miss that month or you just have time to do 4 blogs this year and that's it, all good, that's great. Once you submit your content, at the beginning of the next month I’ll send you a new code to use towards new content.

I think for the first couple here are the parameters

  • 1 content piece of your build for the month/cycle
    - Some pictures of your process or describe what you decided to build and why.
    - Step by Step instructions on your build if you want.
    - Video of you gluing a premade handle to a blank
    - Writing / Explaining how to select the right blank for your home water

  • Make sure you take pictures of the process and the final product. Does not need to be crazy elaborate. Honestly you all take really great photos, so not worried about that at all. Just be mindful of the stuff in the photo or in the background.

  • For me, I’d LOVE feedback on the site. Things like…
    Images used - Does it look good or make sense?
    Descriptions of the products you bought. Does it make sense?
    Features you'd like to see or taken away.

Experience navigating the site. Overall experience / use of the site.Things to make it easy for someone who's new to rod building and ways to educate them on the process.

As far as how to send deliverables, I'll send you a Google Drive link with a spot to drop photos and also a Text Doc you can copy and paste your content text to.

Lastly, I sent out your codes via FB messenger. Looking forward to seeing all the builds you come up with!